Oxidized Beauties from Shaesby

October 17, 2016










Silver is a worldwide staple in the world of jewelry making. Oxidized sister is much like it’s rebellious and edge, yet still fabulously stylish sister. Its roughened texture and darker shade make it a perfect alternative to those who shy away from the startling shimmer and shine of pure sterling silver. And its deep slate tone is a complimentary neutral to any style. You’d never know it was silver when you look at it, which is probably one of the main reasons we’re so fascinated with it. It’s a princess playing dress up, but in a costume just as lavish.  It has the look of a mineral, but holds the unseen beauty of being a precious metal. Once silver is oxidized it no longer falls prey to tarnishing. In fact tarnishing can improve the look of oxidized silver creating and even more rustic and organic look. This darkened metal creates a perfect contrast to the still stunningly bright pure metals. Its somber color is a perfect place to position diamonds and display their glittering beauty. Shaesby designs are always unique but never overly opulent. Shaesby’s use of oxidized silver is a natural choice for the thoughtful designer. She matches it eloquently with other precious and semi-precious metals and stones, turning something ‘rusted’ into something royal.


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