Many Minis, Diamonds Galore

October 29, 2016

We love diamond anchors as much as the next. We stare fixedly on the star like baubles situated on the manicured finger of celebrities. 1.5 million, you say? Yes we would love to try it on. These large, rare, diamonds are a credit to their species. They give a marvelous sparkle and shine that has inspired many a diamond miner, seller, and jewelers. You can find fake diamond paper weights in many stores showing a credit to the world’s obsession with large fist sized diamonds. But minis have a specialty all their own. If you want bling? Mini diamonds are a surefire way to get an extra blast of shine. Each baby diamond packs a punch, and with a dozen or more lined up next to each other that punch gets brighter and brighter. You can only pile so many Kim Kardashian sized diamonds on one piece of jewelry, and we’d love to try. Mini diamonds douse us with an ecstatic burst of light while remaining lightweight. And mini diamonds don’t have any less value. A skilled jeweler will have pristine diamonds no matter the size. And these little ones measure up to one of those large sized beauties, they’re simply out so there’s more room to look at and love! We’re fascinated with the glimmering styles different designers have use to display these baby diamonds. We think you’ll be just as please.


minis3 minis4



Multi-stoned rings is almost not a proper title for this diamond dazzled beauty. Diamonds upon diamonds are placed carefully next to each other to form a balance of symmetry and beauty.

minis5 minis6



These aren’t just a halo of diamonds, or stunning accent diamonds, but earrings made up solely of dozens of tiny diamonds. Diamond earrings are fabulous, and these mini diamond earrings are a modern take on the traditional diamond earring.




Mini diamonds are a favorite among jewelers. Their smaller size makes them perfect for adding on the precious detail we crave so much. For the meticulous and artisan they are much like a necessity in the world of jewelry making. Much of the shine you seen in engagement rings is credited to these beauties being lined up to each other on the wedding band. So maybe you’re not ready for an engagement ring, but you’re definitely ready for my bling and sass in your life, check out rings made of mini diamonds, and fall in love.

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