Christmas Spectaculars

December 22, 2016

                Silver bells, snowflakes, twinkling lights, and getting cozy in the cold. Wintertime. Christmas time is the most wonderful time of the year! Songs and movies and books tout this prominent phrase. Of all the holidays, we’d say Christmas is the most beautifully styled. Depending on your location, while you’re layering on the sweaters, sheets of brilliant white coat the earth as well. Glimmering icicles drip down from the rafters, and colorful lights are reflected on the snow, peeping out sheepishly from behind a foggy window. So as the Christmas days trickle by –or if you’re behind on shopping possibly zooming—we’ll be posting some of our favorite jewelry pieces and giving you the those heart crushing options we think you might be looking for. Whether someone’s adamantly requesting your Christmas list, or you’re eagerly looking to check someone off on yours with something spectacular, we think we have just the recipe of beauty for you.

                For this particular post we’d like to introduce some serene show stoppers. Those pieces with flare that will be one of those unexpected, but readily accepted, gifts that both dazzle and appease. They’ll have those star qualities that match the whimsical and unique characters that make up the spirit of Christmas. December is a much awaited month and Christmas is a much anticipated day. Not many other holidays have home décor for countdown. Bringing out a show stopper packs that punch you expect on that brisk (or warm) morning you’ve been counting down too! You fuss and fidget over the perfect gift. And we have them. A vine of a couple dozen tiny sapphires, tear dropped shaped in a yellow to gold ombre, will stun for days to come.


                It won’t be hard to guess what comes to mind at the sight of this pair. Bright blue and green gems. Smooth shoots of paired flagrant feathers to accentuate the cool shimmering stones. Peacocks are some of the most magnificent birds, their feathers having marveled for the ages. These earrings won’t dare do anything else when presented on Christmas day. They’ll be unveiled with a bang and a smile. And yet another pair of feather featured jewels. Not as extravagant, but just as distinct as you could want for that special Christmas swag. And the deep red is a perfectly warm contrast to the wintry cold.



                The tassels on these beauties are only the beginning. Warm earthy tones and scrupulous design create a bridge between tribal and tradition. Using semi-precious stones hikes up the value, but it will also put pedal to the metal with the wearers gratitude! These are the types of earrings that are no bars held, they go all out just like we enjoy doing on Christmas. Breaking out the brightest Christmas decorations, marveling at giant Christmas trees in the park, caroling for strangers, going above and beyond because Christmas is a lively reminder to be thankful and giving. It’s the exclamation point behind Thanksgiving.


The cascading colors in the gems of this ear jacket engage smoothly with the center stud. Qualities like these, dreamy color schemes in whimsical motions that align with a solid foundation. These are the types of jewels that will be a perfect gift for a holiday spectacular. You’ll wow and show your thought all in the same time. A pair of diamonds are sublime. Five golden rings. A partridge and a pear tree. And of course twelve drummers drumming if you can afford it. But there is a reason they included jewelry in that tell tale song, and statement pieces are definitely a way to forging the path to a perfect Christmas gift showcase.



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