Designers We Love : Eden Presley

January 11, 2017

Eden Presley was founded by Gwen Myers. She is a mom and wife and absolutely loves her passion, which just so happens to be her day job as well. Jewelry making is a privilege and a passion for this maestro. Her pieces are well designed and stem from her desire to be bold without dismissing respect for the traditional. She transports classical motifs to the present and builds her way around them to create something this century stunning.

Eden Presley pieces are lavishly jeweled in the way you dream they will be. Fun and flirty colored precious stones matched with semi-precious stones as well. There is obvious elegance paired brilliantly with an artful flare. Gwen has a bold and daring spirit that shines forth in the creative display of her pieces. She fuses past and present to create that piece that was handed down by for generations and skillfully transformed to fit into contemporary style. Our spotlight of the day are her tantalizing transformer earrings. These beauties are a three in one spectacular, giving you varied options for the day and night. Creative color pairings and stone matches make these pieces particularly Eden Presley. Artfully shaped and formed your jewelry options multiply with just one piece. These innovative treasures make getting all dolled up even more fun, or planning for a casual day out that much more glamorous.



Each of these Eden Presley pieces has multiple levels of jewels to maintain a glamour no matter which element you choose to wear. Thoughtful color schemes and subtly imperfect lines of symmetry give these gems old world glamour which is highly coveted in new world fashion. Myers artfully chooses the shape and size of stones to accentuate each stone and color to create a decadent balance that is swoon worthy. Contrasting colors, textures, and cuts are a mark of Eden Presley jewels and will mark your outfit for a solidified fancy finish.

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