Jodi Rae Studio Tour in Austin, TX

July 15, 2017

Approaching Jodi Rae’s studio, I am immediately enamored with the place. It’s removed, rustic, quiet, and charming. It has the common machinery of any jewelry connoisseur, but all with touches of Jodi.



Standing out opposite the entrance is a beautiful golden framed photo of herself posed warmly with two very important women, her mother and grandmother. She has images of her adorable pup – one she had never thought she’d have—a stereo to keep the vibes through late nights, various odds and ends, and of course, jewelry. She has lots of jewelry. This room is the birthplace of many of her spectacular creations. We’re allowed to view the beautiful stones before they’re dressed up with clasps, chains, and rings. They’re one of a kind and they make us feel glamorous and downright special. IMG_0364


She provides us with an informative look around and then, she humbly and graciously answers a few of our questions that provide us a better glance into the woman behind the burnisher. Here’s a snippet of the interview we had with Jamie….

EP: Are you into any new trends right now?
Jodi: I don’t really follow them. I’m not really sure what they are right now exactly, but I like to make classic, timeless things and stay away from the fads so that things last and I can see them come back in years, still loving their piece and having the same sentimentality

EP: And are you working on anything right now?
 Jodi: Yes, there’s actually a show in Baltimore that’s coming up that I have to prepare for so I’ve been…busy. About 60 hours a week right now.IMG_0365
EP: There are so many of them! So how do you pick stones?
Jodi: Mostly it depends on whatever mood I’m in. Now I’m in to bright colors so I try to go with whatever is cohesive; whatever goes together and gives me color.


EP: And what would you say, if you had to choose, is your favorite stone?
Jodi: Ummm, druzys. There’s so much you can do with them and they just have this incredible shine. It’s on my neck right now actually…And Labradorite as well. It has been used forever but it’s finally coming into style.



EP: How long does it take you to make a piece with your stones?
Jodi: It takes about…3 hours for one necklace. But I don’t just work piece to piece. Normally I work on different things at the same time. Moving to and from whatever I feel like working on at the moment.



EP: What about any new techniques? Anything that would cause it to extend that 3 hours?
Jodi : I’m combining 18k gold with blackened sterling, and I am trying more difficult stone sets now which is exciting.


EP: Would  you say your style has remained constant?
No. I’ve definitely evolved over the years. My style used to be a lot more dainty with smooth and swirly designs, to more use of matte and minerals to give it  more of a durable quality but still feminine.



Before, during, and after the interview, Jodi was incredibly accommodating in her jewelry haven. She showed us around from table to table as our eyes were filled with wonder. We hope you enjoyed this glance in to the Jodi Rae window as much as we did. Shop and see her designs at Eliza

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