Rosedale Jewelry, Trunkshow At Eliza Page Downtown

December 11, 2017

Starting Friday, Rosedale Jewelry will be hosting a trunk show within the doors of Eliza Page. If you haven’t heard of Rosedale, the masterful designer is Kate Kramer. A born and raised Austinite, she began with a head for marketing and finished with her hands dipped in diamonds and gold.


Chance encounters tend to prove for situations and moments in our lives that change us forever. This is exactly what happened to Kate. College students and graduates can attest to the upmost importance of scoring an internship that will later prove on your resume that you have what it takes to prosper outside the acres of your University education. In Kate’s situation, she found herself at Fauxtale Design with a mind to learn more about Fashion marketing. Instead she found her passion re-iginted for hands on creation. Let’s have a round of applause for chance!

Kate stuck with PR after graduation, but didn’t let her work choice deter her passion. She continued taking classes following up with an apprenticeship under the immensely talented and respected craftsmen Jeffrey Gold and partner Jeffrey Beri. During which she began the challenging and exciting process of designing her own line, crafting each piece by hand.

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Kate’s childhood was spent immersed in drawing, painting and mixed media. As she matured and found her style, she mixed this history with a minimalistic and gracious style. Her pieces are thoughtfully created, forged with a thoughtfulness that produces a lasting quality for future generations. Each piece is handcrafted in 14 and 18k gold with precious gemstones and carries an elegance and simplicity that make it a perfect selection for those looking for timeless pieces.

Kate has a love for the basics seen in her used of geometric shapes. But her personality shines through and bring the shapes to life. The jewels and metals are so elegantly designed and casted that you no longer see a simple shape, but a whole and complete piece. A piece of fabric is only that until a designer takes it into his hands and creates an Oscar worthy dress. Then you no longer solely see the black fabric, but the creation in itself. You recognize that fabric still exists, but it doesn’t stand alone. Just as Rosedale’s shapes are accompanied by precious cut stones and metals, the curve of a golden cuff, the delicate chains of a necklace. Shapes are simple objects, but the possibilities available due to their simple nature are why Rosedale both loves and utilizes them in her designs. These simple shapes will always be of use to us in life, and so the heirloom qualities of her pieces are not hard to understand.

For the next few days Rosedale will have these artistic and magnetic pieces on display for purchase and inspiration at Eliza Page. Meet Kate from 1-3pm on Saturday downtown.



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