The Wellness Bracelet


This intricate charm bracelet features charms that promote overall wellness.  The glass evil eye charm wards off evil and brings good luck to the wearer.  The round charm is a silver replica of an ancient turkish coin and promotes wealth and prosperity.  The pearl has proctive power and symbolizes wisdom and integrity.  The silver rounded star charm provides guidance to the wearer and signifies emotional balance.  The final charm is a tiger's eye stone carved with the image of a pegasus.  Tiger's eye is a healing stone that supports physical and emotional health, and the pegasus is a symbol of bravery and strength in the face of adversity.  The combination of these powerful charms promotes health and wellness and brings good fortune to the wearer of this unique bracelet.

- Sterling silver

- 14k yellow gold accents

- Tiger's eye

- Pearl

- Approximately 7" in length

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Item Number: PW-PW40322M

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