Petite Evil Eye Charm with Diamonds


Mother of pearl and blue quartz evil eye pendant featuring a gold setting and diamond accents.  The image of the evil eye, also referred to as a lucky eye, is said to protect from a curse cast by the malevolent glare of an enemy.  Blue is said to be a color of protection. Light blue is the color of the sky and symbolizing truth, therefore protecting against any curse.  Wearing jewelry with the image of the evil eye protects the wearer from any curse and will bring luck and good fortune.

- 24k yellow gold
- Mother of pearl
- Blue quartz
- White diamonds
- Approximately 1/2" width
- Pre-order for 4-5 week delivery


For this charm we recommend our petite or medium chains; find them here

Item Number: PW-PW3235BU.24K.MOP

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