Lily Dove Medallion with Diamond Florets - "Love Adore" - 9 Stones

By:  Scribe ,


Lily Dove medallion featuring 9 vibrant gemstones that spell out "Love Adore,"  symbolizing commitment and everlasting love.  Inspired by the artistry of ironwork in northern Italy, the Lily Dove is the signature emblem of Scribe. Lilies symbolize humility and devotion, and virtue. Doves symbolize peace, maternity, love, and purity. The wearer of the Lily Dove is a true and devoted friend. The Lily Dove can also bring upon a new romance, new friendships, and new beginnings. Exclusive to Eliza Page. 

This medallion can be customized with different gemstones to spell out the message of your choice,  Click here to view gemstones & birthstones.

L (lapis)
O (opal)
V (violet amethyst)
E (emerald)
A (aquamarine)
D (diamond)
O (opal)
R (ruby)
E (emerald)


- 14k yellow gold
- White diamond accents
- 1" Diameter
- Designed in Austin, Texas


Medallion sold without a chain. Contact us to pre-order out of stock items for a 6-8 week delivery. 

Item Number: SC-P1996

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