Classic Diamond Studs


 Classic diamond studs set in a gold three prong basket.  Part of the Eliza Page Collection.

- 14k yellow gold

- White diamonds

- Available in 3.3mm (0.28 ctw), 3.5mm (0.34 ctw), 3.7mm (0.42 ctw), 3.9mm (0.49 ctw), 4.2mm (0.60 ctw), 4.4mm (0.70 ctw), 5.0mm (1.03 ctw)

- 3.9mm, and 4.4mm in stock, other sizes available for custom order

Size: 3.9mm (0.49 ctw), 4.4mm (0.70 ctw)

Item Number: GN-U041050C.YG..049CTW

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