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  1. Diamond Bar Bracelet

    Diamond Bar Bracelet


     Minimalist favorites

    14k gold 3 bezel bar bracelet with 3pt white diamonds

    • 14k cable chain

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  2. Mini Heart Bracelet

    Mini Heart Bracelet


      Beautiful dainty piece!

    - Available in Rose Gold, Yellow Gold, and White Gold

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  3. Two Hands Bracelet

    Two Hands Bracelet


     Two hands clutching a circle is a beautiful symbol of completeness, unity and an unbroken bond.

    - Oxidized Sterling with 14K Gold

    - 7" in Length

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  4. Large Herkimer Cuff

    Large Herkimer Cuff


      Beautiful and bold statement piece! 

    - Available in Bronze with diamonds 

    - Cuff measures 2.5" .

    - Herkimer ends

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  5. Two-Toned Metal Bracelet

    Two-Toned Metal Bracelet


     Get the best of both worlds! 

    - Old vermeil & oxidized sterling silver

    - Bracelet measures 7.25in. end to end.

    - The width varies between .5-1in.

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  6. Double Wrap Bangle

    Double Wrap Bangle


      Cute, colorful, and stylish pieces for every day wear! 

    - Gold plated

    - Available in five different colors 

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  7. Multicolored Wrap Bracelet

    Multicolored Wrap Bracelet


      Simple yet colorful wrap bracelets for everyday wear! 

    - Available in six different colors 

    - Bracelet Diameter when wrapped approx. 2.5" 

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  8. Python Wrapped Bracelet

    Python Wrapped Bracelet


     Accessorize with this colorful piece! 

    - Gold fill

    - Masaai-culture inspired 

    Green symbolizes nourishment and production, representing the land that provides food for the people and their livestock while also symbolizing the putting down of roots and the protection of one’s territory

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  9. Gold TV Bracelet

    Gold TV Bracelet


     Gold TV is inspired from the shape of a 70's TV screen. Stack and mix it!

    - 18k Rose Gold 

    - 2.5" length

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