We can’t have enough jewelry, so we know you might love some extra bling. 
Eliza Page’s Diamond Dollars program rewards you!

 By choosing to enroll, you will earn Diamond Dollar credits for each purchase.
After you spend $1000, you earn $20 in “Diamond Dollars”.
Each dollar spent in store after $1000 earns 1 Diamond Dollar.
You can use your earned Diamond Dollars on all purchases, including gift certificates.


    Here’s how you earn Diamond Dollars:

    Spend $1000, earn $20 Diamond Dollars (store credit)

    With each additional $1000 spent after the initial $1000, you earn another $20 in Diamond Dollars


    Redeeming Diamond Dollars

    Our new POS system tracks the Diamond Dollars you’ve earned. Call us 512-474-6500 or come in to ask a sales consultant to enroll or check your balance. You are able to redeem Diamond Dollars $20 at a time.


    Signing Up for Diamond Dollars

    It’s your choice to enroll! It’s not automatic or mandatory, but we hope you do to take advantage of earned $ bling and future promotions and special events.


    The Fine Print

    Here are additional details about how it works: 
    Diamond Dollars do not expire. Hooray!
    You start earning Diamond Dollars after the first $1000 spent.
    You get $20 Diamond Dollars for each $1000 spent after you become eligible.  
    Diamond Dollars are only awarded and earned in $20 increments.
    Diamond Dollars can only be used in $20 increments, there is no partial redemption.
    Diamond Dollars will be awarded at the time of check out.
    Diamond Dollars may not be redeemed for cash.
    Some purchases may not earn points. I.e., you can not earn double points if you buy a gift certificate and use it on yourself. If we suspect abuse, we reserve the right to terminate your enrollment in our program.  
    Diamond Dollars are non-transferrable, but you may purchase a gift certificate with your Diamond Dollars that you may give to a friend.
    Diamond Dollars may not be used or combined with some special offers, sales or special purchases.
    We reserve the right to terminate or change the Diamond Dollars program at any time.
    You may not earn points on purchases or services made using gift cards, third party gift cards, or charity event gift cards.
    We installed a new system in the spring of 2016 that allows us to use this program. If you’ve been shopping with us for a long time (thank you!). Please let us know, and we will start you off with a Diamond Dollars balance if we can locate your purchase history and personal information.


    Join our Diamond Dollar program by giving us some information about yourself.

    We promise your info is private and for special event and promo purposes only.

    We won't share it with anyone. 

    Diamond Dollars don't expire!


    Still have questions? Contact us and we will help you!