Peace & Tranquility Worry Doll Charm


In Guatemala, Worry Dolls are a cultural tradition that help people sleep peacefully. Legend has it that when worrying keeps one awake, simply whisper your worries to your dolls and they will whisk them away!

The Peace & Tranquility Worry Doll Charm features a sapphire-encrusted tunic and a diamond on his forehead, and embodies peace and tranquility. Wear him diligently around your neck, and in beauty, he will symbolically bring your life harmony and spiritual serenity.

- 14k yellow gold
- Diamond
- Sapphires
- Charm measures approx. 1.5cm in length
- Handmade in Montreal, Canada
- Chain sold separately


In stock; ready to ship.

For this charm we recommend our petite chains.  Find them here


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