Opal & Rainbow Sapphire Solari Ring

By:  Sofia Zakia ,


Adorned with sparkling diamonds, gemstones and an extravagant opal as beacons of light, this special ceremonial ring replicates an alien spacecraft with its disc-like shape and shining lights.

Just as the stars are in constant and perpetual motion, as is this piece of jewelry. Faceted with great thought and labour, this genuinely strange and timeless piece strikes a universal cord of romantic ingenuity. A folly of the infinite, its core celebrates love throughout time, limitless beyond all loves, spinning on itself, and showing an uninterrupted and everlasting emotion. The top pieces embellished with precious gemstones are structured so that they may gently spin on the wearer’s finger just like a real UFO in the sky.

- 14k yellow gold
- Opal (3mm)
- Multi-color sapphires, amethyst, peridot, and tsavorite gartnet
- Handmade in Montreal, Canada


Size 6.5 in stock, resizing available;  Contact us to inquire about resizing. 

Item Number: SZ-UFO.RING.14KY.OP.SAP-7

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