Ruby & Jade Love Duality Medallion


Elegant and bold jade pendant set in a gold bezel with a silver backing and featuring a vibrant ruby center stone.  Jade is regarded as a stone of protection that supports loving energy; it symbolizes gentleness and nourishment.  In contrast ruby sybolizes power, passion, and fire.  In combination these stones reflect the duality of love in enduring romance: the larger jade stone represents the nourishing care and respect that stabilizes everlasting love, while ruby represents the flame of passion that may wax and wane but whose embers never extinguish.  


- Sterling Silver
- 24k yellow gold
- Mint Jade
- Ruby 
- Approx. 1" in diameter
- Chain sold separately


For this charm we recommend our medium and large chains; find them here.


Item Number: PW-PW34890K

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