The Healing Cuff


This intricate and elegant cuff features emeralds, turquoise, pearls, and diamonds in intricate gold settings on an oxidized silver band.  Emeralds have healing properties which promote physical and emotional well-being.  Turquoise is both a calming stone and a lucky stone, bestoring emotional balance and good fortune upon the wearer.  Pearls have a protective power and signify wisdom and integrity.  Diamonds represent strength in the face of adversity, and promote prosperity.  The combination of these powerful gems creates a nurturing and revitalizing force that bestoes health and good fortune upon the wearer of this unique cuff bracelet.

- Oxidized sterling silver 
- 14k yellow gold settings
- Emeralds, turquoise, pearls, and diamonds 
- Designed and handmade in Paris, France 

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Item Number: 5OCT-81.3204.EKO.BRAC

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