Mad for Metals: Guinevere & Co. and Isabel Borland

October 30, 2012

Attention Eliza Page fans! We just got a shipment of some truly amazing metal jewels from designers Guinevere & Co and Isabel Borland. Both collections are unique, fashion-forward, and complement each other beautifully. Whether you are looking to spend $35 or have a slightly higher budget, we think you’ll find something uniquely tailored to your preference in each of these collections.

First, let’s talk about Guinevere & Co. Their line is so edgy and out-of-the-ordinary, their pieces can add a bold punch to any ordinary outfit. Their line features crystal skull stud earrings (Might we remind you that Halloween is just a day away?), claw rings, snake studs, and one particularly amazing giant eagle ring, which is adjustable to fit any finger (as are most of their rings). The best part about this line? Their price range. Their pieces range from just $30-$66! Look like a rock star without spending like one. What’s not to love about this fab line?

Guinevere & Co crystal skull studs- $36

Mighty Eagle Ring with Crystal Eyes by Guinevere & Co- $42

Crystal Snake Studs by Guinevere & Co- $30

Reflect Necklace by Guinevere & Co- $63

Crystal Claw Ring- $48

Our next featured designer is Isabel Borland, whose line is inspired by the beauty and flexibility of precious metals. Each of her pieces are hand-crafted with a combination of talent and precision, resulting in truly unique and beautifully crafted jewelry. Her pieces (namely her delicate rings) are designed for collecting and stacking over time, something we love about her line. We’re especially crazy about her 10k yellow gold heart studs.

Heart Studs by Isabel Borland- $825

Isabel Borland thin bands- $224

Teardrop Lariat Necklace by Isabel Borland- $326

Isabel Borland long stick earrings- $524

Each of these lines demonstrates the versatility and beauty of metal, and we’re loving all of these pieces for fall. How will you wear your metals this season? Large and chunky or small and delicate? We can’t wait to see how you put these pieces together!

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