Conflict-Free Diamonds

At Eliza Page, we believe in protecting human rights and eliminating conflict diamonds from the global diamond trade. In all aspects of our jewelry, but specifically diamonds, we hold our designers and sources to the highest of ethical standards. We are steadfast in using conflict-free diamonds and materials.

Learn more about conflict-free diamonds here.

Montana Sapphires

Eliza Page creates jewelry using hand-selected sapphires sourced by Kimberly Collins Gems from the Rock Creek region, which is known for the richest sapphire deposits. The high iron content in Rock Creek sapphires means that most are a light green color and not the traditional blues. However, many natural yellows, oranges, and pinks of high clarity are found here. The development of heat treatment during the 1970s and 1980s allowed this area’s sapphire rough to be treated to the deep blue color known and beloved today. 

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