While the jewelry Eliza Page sells is designed to last, it will last longer with proper care. Please use common sense and caution when wearing jewelry and care for it in a proper manner.

Remove your jewelry when using cleaning solvents or applying beauty products. Do not wear your jewelry while swimming or bathing or when exposed to extreme temperatures. Do not expose items to water or moisture, as it can tarnish your jewelry. Store jewelry carefully in a dry, dust-free place such as in its jewelry pouch or box, and keep it separated from other materials so it doesn’t scratch.



We sell a large selection of designer fine jewelry, therefore the construction and materials in our designs has a wide and varied range. If an item needs a simple repair we often will try to repair it in house. If this is not possible, we will send your jewelry to the original designer or a bench jeweler for repair.

If any jewelry item you purchase breaks because of design or manufacture defect within 60 days of your original purchase, Eliza Page will repair or replace the piece free of charge. After 60 days, each item is subject to each designer’s specific policy and may incur a fee. Please understand some jewelry supplies are limited in quantity, and repairs are not always possible. Our warranty does not cover damages caused by improper care, accidents, or natural breakdown of materials over extended use and time. Please contact us and return all defective or damaged products to us for examination and evaluation. In every case, we will work with our designers to the best of our ability to restore or replace your precious jewelry items.



When you purchase your wedding ring from Eliza Page, your first ring resize is complementary within 30 days of purchase. If a resize is not available due to the design, a new ring may need to be ordered or created. This will be done at no charge to you if materials and stones are available. After a ring is resized or altered, it is considered a final sale and cannot be returned or exchanged. Further resizes can possibly be made but will incur a sizing fee. Rings which need sizing and were sold on sale or at a discount will incur a sizing fee. Please note that changes in temperature or lifestyle can affect the size of your finger up to 1-2 sizes, and therefore we recommend sizing your finger a few times before finalizing your order.



All of us at Eliza Page and all of our wedding ring designers stand behind the design and craftsmanship of our jewelry. We are dedicated to using recycled metals, materials sourced from ethical mines, and diamond dealers who subscribe to the Kimberly Process.

Being based in Austin, Texas, we sell and support many local and Texas-based jewelers, and use local designers and gemstone dealers, whenever possible.



We encourage thoughtful and careful daily wear of your jewelry, and for you to consider that many activities may damage the integrity of your jewelry, gemstones, and settings.

During the first year of wearing your bridal jewelry, you may need repairs such as polishing, cleaning, and the replacement of tiny accent gemstones or diamonds. Under normal wear these repairs are often necessary and will be performed by us or our designers free of charge.

Repairs that are not covered under warranty or if your bridal jewelry has sustained damage or improper wear, your repair may incur a fee one year from purchase.

Center stones and their settings are inspected thoroughly by us and our jewelers when they are created, shipped, and received for craftsmanship and durability. Damage to these center stones or settings can only occur with improper wear or by an accident, and therefore are not covered by our warranty, or most third party insurers.

Should you desire insurance on your fine or bridal jewelry, we recommend a company such as Jewelers Mutual.

All Eliza Page Collection Special Occasion Rings include a complementary Jewelry Appraisal for your insurance. We can also provide an Appraisal for any other jewelry items for $150 for your insurance.

We are dedicated to delivering jewelry to you that will exceed your expectations for design and craftsmanship for a lifetime, and always do our best to deliver to this standard.

Should you have any questions about our policies or warranties, please contact us at 512-474-6500 or