Greenland Rubies and Pink Sapphires have been buried under ice and snow for many millions of years.

Mine-to-Market Traceability

When people buy rubies, they want to know with a high degree of certainty where those individual stones actually came from. Greenland Ruby has introduced a formal mine-to-market track-and-trace program for their gems, which has been approved by the Greenlandic government. 

The program is made possible by their customized inventory system. Each parcel of rough material has a number, and all the gems produced from that parcel are given their own individual number linked to it. These numbers stay with each gem through heat treatment, cutting, and placement in jewelry and are included on their Greenland Ruby Certificate of Origin. The structure of the numbering system allows an individual gemstone’s story to be told, from the moment it emerges from the mine until it reaches its final destination in a piece of fine jewelry. 

Because Greenland rubies are geologically unique, independent gem labs will always be able to verify the authenticity and provenance of the rubies and pink sapphires. 

Good for the Planet & the People Who Live There

The Greenland Ruby mine at Aappaluttoq is located in a drained waterway amidst an icy mountainous landscape surrounded by majestic fjords. They take seriously the commitment to preserving this pristine location. When they finish their work there, the waterway will be refilled, all equipment and buildings will be removed, and the site will be fully restored to its natural wilderness. 

The vast majority of Greenland Ruby’s workforce is made up of Greenlandic people. More than a third of their employees are women. Mining is a newer industry in Greenland and represents a much-needed viable alternative to fishing, which is the nation’s main export product. Their local workforces at all their work sites enjoy all the protections and working conditions guaranteed by Greenlandic law, which is modeled on strict, northern European standards. 

The PinkPolarBearFoundation

The PinkPolarBear Foundation was established by Greenland Ruby and will be funded by the company and its partners. PPBF is concerned with international polar research in all disciplines, focusing on understanding the mechanisms driving climate change and its effects on the inhabitants of the island and the Arctic region. A percentage of sales from Greenland Ruby and its partners will be channeled into this not-for-profit fund, ensuring a meaningful and sustainable contribution in the long - and even short – term, to the Greenlandic community from where the rubies and pink sapphires originate.

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