Our Designer Jewelry Store: An Austin Original

At Eliza Page, we’ve been showcasing curated, designer jewelry from select artists since 2004. Our luxury jewelry collections emphasize quality, sustainability, and craftsmanship, and include custom pieces designed & finished by artisans from Austin, Texas and around the world.

Learn more about our designer jewelry below.

Eliza Page Signature Collection

We’re committed to preserving and respecting the earth’s precious natural resources. That’s why our namesake Signature Collection is:

  • Warrantied
  • Made by designers who use recycled or responsibly mined metals
  • Features diamonds and gemstones sourced exclusively from accredited, conflict-free dealers

See our custom jewelry designs in our Custom Design Archive.

Artisans Collection

We’re proud to work directly with several kind and talented designers, metalsmiths, and goldsmiths. Many of our collaborators reside and work locally in Texas and produce our custom jewelry by hand.

Our close relationship with these artists ensures that the luxury jewelry we sell is handcrafted with care and made to last a lifetime. Book an appointment today to create your own custom jewelry design with our friendly, GIA-trained team.

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Expert Service + Custom Concierge

Excellent customer service is our commitment to you. We’re dedicated to finding luxury jewelry that you’ll love to wear everyday, and will remain beautiful for generations. Visit us today so we can make your custom jewelry dreams come true.

Safe & Special In-Store Experiences

Schedule a private experience at our designer jewelry store for a rare and unforgettable day of luxury. We offer expertly administered & sanitized Ear Piercings, complimentary with the purchase of any piercing stud. We also do full custom engagement rings, where our Custom Design team will help you design a truly one-of-a-kind ring.

Discover Your Timeless Piece at Eliza Page Designer Jewelry

At Eliza Page, we're more than just a designer jewelry store — we're a destination for timeless elegance and unparalleled craftsmanship. Explore our curated collections and experience the artistry that defines our brand.

Ready to find your perfect piece? Book an appointment with us today and let our team guide you towards your next cherished heirloom.

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