How To : Statement Jewelry

January 8, 2015

Sometimes you see an amazing dress hanging on the racks at the mall. Perhaps it’s the startling sequins, the deep slit, or the intricate lacework and the low back. Whatever the feature there’s something about it that sticks out and calls that popular plastic card in your wallet. This dress is probably fit for an actual formal attire event and you only wish you could wear it to work or the movies because you love it so much. If only we could have kept that character of the 19th century. However, in most cases when you see a stunning piece, it is meant for a limited amount of occasions. Perhaps you see an amazing statement piece of jewelry and think the same thing, ‘Where could I even wear this?’ or ‘How do I even wear this?.’ With this post today were hoping that we can help with those biting questions that keep that beautiful piece out of our hands and away from your wardrobe, perhaps forever denying a wonderful combination of a beautiful statement piece with your outfit of the day.


These winged earrings are an Eliza Page favorite. You can leave off the bottom three leaving the top cartilage piercings.  With the upward angle of the wing you can either continue the upward motion with a high messy bun, or oppose it with with a low braid. The same for the lower hanging double wings. With a simple toned shirt, you’ll effortlessly pull of this look. dangletorquise

If you like the statement piece you probably want them to stand out.  To help, keep the hair pulled back and solid simple colors when your accessory already utilizes a brighter bolder tone. The dream-catcher style of these earrings are perfect for a boho outfit and you don’t need an invitation to a ball to wear them!braceletblog2

This cuff is thick and a has a raw feel given the engravings and different tones of the metal. The raw and natural state would compliment more casual fabrics such as denim and cotton. Or you can juxtapose it with a satiny flowing floral dress to create something girly and grunge.


All these gemstone rings are beautiful and would be the perfect twinkle to a girly or slim fitting dress. One of these gems would look perfect at the end of a solid colored sleeve with a nail in the same color palette. The darker colored stones with grey, greens and blues with white, and the red and tan with black. These are options but you can try out your own colors and see what fits best!elizapageringsblog

These golden beauties can be worn with casual (v neck) or formal (little black dress). You only need one to make a statement and due to the sole use of gold metal, it’s more compatible with different patterns and colors. And if you desire to go more causal feel free to add a ring or two on either side.

stoneneckblogThe use of various colors in this necklace would work well with a solid colored shirt. The raw like structure of these stones are perfect for flowing fabrics but nothing particularly formal.  Layer it with shades of white, tan, or beige, in different fabrics to find your favorite. collarnecklace

A favorite of statement necklaces is situating it underneath the collar of a shirt. There are many different types of statement necklaces and collars so that calls for many different combinations. More elegant necklaces can be paired with more girly dresses, more causal necklaces that seem raw and less cultivated can go with casual or party attire.

A hint for more dazzling trinkets, when you wear a statement piece, it is making that statement. For the rest of your accessories less is more. You don’t want to distract from your fabulous piece and how well it looks on you.  Go for simpler when you’re trying to wear  a statement piece. Simpler colors, simpler patterns, and simpler on the rest of your accessories. Let the piece shine. You CAN wear that piece you’ve been longingly eying on the shelves. Go ahead. Try it out.

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