Precious Jewels for our Precious Mothers : Mother’s Day

May 8, 2015

Mothers day is fast upon us. Three days to be exact and we’ll be cooking french toast and crepes, for breakfast in bread. Buying out the flowers in our local stores or wherever we can find them. Depending on your mother she might appreciate some wildflowers picked from a country meadow. Sundays are probably the best days of the week anyway, so now you get to celebrate one of the best people in your life. Despite tufts and tests, most people can’t deny the impact their mothers have had on them. Helping them through the treacherous waters ruled by the male species, steering us clear of bad relationships and bad decisions, to which we may or may not listen. But no matter what, if you’re planning to celebrate this famous occasion, you admit and understand, you couldn’t be where you are without your precious mother. So why not bestow the gift of precious jewels. Not all women love to accessorize, but for the ones we do we’ve got an array of choices to match your fabulous and outgoing mother who told you to speak your mind, to the soft spoken and gentlewoman who comforted you when you thought dinosaurs were going to come into your bedroom at night. Always remember a gift is not about the money you spent, but about the thought behind it. You can’t buy love is cliche, but very true. You could thoughtlessly buy a top tier diamond, and a child’s handmade card would have a hundred times the worth. So we have some choices here if you’d like to show your mother what you think of her by purchasing something for her she might never have bought herself, for the mothers who can’t seem to stop putting their children first. Darn those mothers! Or maybe she saw something but didn’t buy it at that time? It’s always fun to suprise people with those things they’d eyed, but thought no one was paying attention. Then again you might want to add the diamond and card into one, and get a piece of jewelry engraved? Whatever you’re reason, let it be thoughtful, and see if you find anything that you like! Bon apetite!

engrave1 MothersDayRangs engrave2 stoneblack engrave3 STacks engrave4


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