For Hanging Around Your Neck : Necklaces

May 14, 2015

Sometimes you look in the mirror, turning this way and that and you just can’t put your finger on what’s missing. You’re wearing that V-neck or a spaghetti strap, your make up is runway ready, your hair could be featured in a look book and yet, it’s not finished. You’re incomplete. And then you gently pluck that necklace off a hook, because necklaces are the greatest tanglers, and voila, you’re ready to hit the streets. It’s nothing less than amazing how much one piece can complete a look. Rings can be a maybe, earrings can be hidden by your hair, but necklaces are commonly that yay or neigh factor of an outfit. They come in all shapes and sizes of course. Perhaps a cord necklaces to take you back to the nineties, or a Rihanna-esque diamond choker worn on the runway. Maybe a thin gold chain perfect for date nights or coupled with a casual tee ensuring that your outfit always looks well thought out. They can hang low to the belly, finished with a beautifully cut stone, or high to the collar laid over sheer and soft fabric. You can spin your own flare and wear different metals of different sizes. A lace chocker with a silver chain or maybe a gold herringbone with a delicate 18 in golden chain. The magic of jewelry lies in its versatility. Fashion allows you to express yourself and the itty bitty pieces of jewelry give you even more room to make a style your own to the most miniscule level. It’s like your own fashion social security number. With the numerous styles and shapes you’re bound to find your perfect combination that’s sure to become your new signature style. So we’ve got sparkling handfuls of gorgeous and unique necklaces ready for the taking, ensuring that you’ll be a stylish one of a kind in your next ensemble.

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