Game Day Attire- Burnt Orange

September 10, 2015

As soon as you drive into the heart of Austin it’s hard to miss it. Darrel K. Royal stadium looms high and wide just outside the glass covered sky scrapers of downtown. Right off the highway, just behind it is the beloved Tower and within the 40 acres, thousands of students pass to and from class. And now that fall has arrived again, so have the dozens of orange and white tailgating tents that fill the sidewalks and parking lots of MLK and Red River. Left and right as you annoyingly and excitingly navigate Austin traffic, you’ll see both boys and girls, men and women, draped in the respected burnt orange and white. It’s not mandatory, but it is a tradition. And Eliza Page didn’t just happen to fall smack dab in the midst of one of the best cities in America, we aren’t foreigners to the camaraderie created by the Longhorn community. We know it! We love it. And we’re happy to cater to the hearts that bleed orange and white.

So game day is here! And you’re looking for the perfect ensemble to show your spirit. All week you might instantly reach for those comfy Nike shorts or those perfectly worn pair of jeans, but game day is a time to strut your stuff and show your pride. And although color coordinating can be a challenge, we also know how fun and rewarding it can be to look down at your bed and see that you’ve achieved it, and perfectly. So down on 2nd street we’ve compiled a few jewels to choose from when you’re trolling your closet, drawers, and chests for the outfit that says ‘Longhorn for life.’ Obviously you might want to have some burnt orange in there, so that’s where these classy and elegant burnt orange beads come from. Whether you’re in or outside for most of the day, these lightweight beads won’t irritate your skin, and are perfect whether you want to go dressy, or casual. And if you’re not one to pass up a good bracelet, we’ve got beads for those wrists. They’ll add a little click and clack to your clapping when a inevitably Longhorn scores a touchdown.



Or maybe you’d prefer having your staple metals of silver and gold. An all-white dress is an easy option to accessorize for a Longhorn game day and inherently classy. Burnt orange is obviously going to be a top choice, but these gold necklaces are sure to compliment your neckline as well. Made with vermeil, silver, and gold, these organically inspired necklaces are some of our top contenders for game day attire.

Last but not least we have orange gemstone rings. These precious gems will add the perfect touch of class and sophistication to your outfit. If this is all the orange you wear on game day, you’re still sure to receive questions and comments. When it comes to color coordinating, especially with a more rarely worn but greatly loved color like burnt orange, when you’ve found a good treasure people will notice. And true blue (or orange) Longhorn fans love finding new places to get their burnt orange. So have fun with it! Try out beads, or pendants, or gemstones and see what you like best! Whatever you decide, if you feel comfortable you’ve done it right. Have fun, be safe, and hook ‘em horns!

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