Morganne Bello, French and Flawless

January 7, 2016

We can thank the French for delicious bread, a beautiful language, super sophisticated style, and if that isn’t enough, there’s just a small icon located off Ellis island designed, built, and dedicated by our French colleagues. The French are some of our ancestors. Though through the years we have developed into the American, we wouldn’t exist had it not been for the many courageous explorers who braved the wide waters between us, such as the French. Today the country stands proudly as a front runner in art, fashion, and of course, love. The Eiffel tower, the Lourve, Paris Fashion week, France is full of history and style. And now here at Eliza Page, we’re honored to have a beautiful slice of France in store: Morganne Bello.


Created in 2004, this designer has a true love for the stone. No claws, no heavy setting, just the stone on display. The designs are simple. With little setting and minimal ornamentation, the point is to focus on the gem. Laying gracefully against a neck or resting on a wrist, you’ll  have a full unadulterated view of the stone. With quality chains and skilled placement, there will be no twisting or turning. Bello’s pieces will add a soft touch of delicacty to any outfit, and will leave you feeling like the darlings you are.





The studio explores the world –India, Madagascar, Brazil….looking for rare millennial reflection stones to satisfy the desires of those searching for precious stones. These jewels cater to the feminine heart, exemplifying the best qualities found among the world’s many beauties. Women are naturally beautiful. In the wise words of Katy Perry ‘us girls, we are so magical. Soft skin, red lips, so loveable’. Bello designs attempt to stay true to this natural element. With durable stones in rich colors, attached to delicate bands and chains of silver, gold, and cord, these jewels lushly exude pretty woman.





And its’s no surprise. Morganne Bello is a French designer, a culture with a preference for whispers instead of shouts and admiring that mystery behind the eyes. They’re an old country, dating back to the middle ages and beyond. Roaming through the country side you can easily find beautiful old castles and forts speckled amongst the rolling hills. As a country, they’ve gone through many styles and ended in the present with a love for the traditional, the simple, but always the stylish. Though they may have a love for subtly they easily stay at par with modern times, if not constantly influencing it. Morganne Bello’s jewels may be simple, choosing smooth lines and basic settings, yet we’re moving farther and farther into fast paces and tech races, and Bello’s sweet and classic style is one heavily desired by all ages. The gentle butterfly, cushion, and clover designs are all reminiscent of France in springtime, when the flowers are in bloom, the Eiffel tower is basking in blue sky, and a simple daisy can be as pleasant as a rose. These lovely wrought jewels will complement the sun and stand out on a cloudy day, much like you ladies! You’ll barely feel them, but your outfit will thank you.




If you’re looking for a new piece with that special je ne se quoi, look no more. You have France at your fingertips! Morganne Bello is creative and crafty, pushing out pieces that pull on our girly heartstrings while still providing us with the class and sophistication that will make them long lasting. With precious gemstones in a variety of eye candy colors, we’re sure Morganne Bello has something on the shelves for you. So call, go online, or stop by to get your little piece of France, without the airline prices. Happy Shopping!

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