Glittering in Gold by Gorjana

January 24, 2016

The year is 1848. The day, January 24 and James W. Marshall strikes gold in Coloma, California. Despite attempts to keep things hush hush, another gold rush begins. The California Gold Rush, bringing in hundreds of thousands on sailing ships and covered wagons, hoping for a quick and dirty way to the top. And, since the many migrants would be forced to pan, dig, and mine for the precious material, it would actually turn out to be quite dirty work. But the rewards were worth it, and migrant miners wouldn’t drop the pans and axes until the gold grew to be too difficult to acquire and as with many industries, a few companies came to monopolize the process. Flash forward 168 years to the day, and gold is no longer a rock you can pluck from the gravel in the riverbeds of California. However, you’re in luck, since it can be found beautifully crafted inside the 6,000 square foot Gorjana studio found nestled right behind the California coast. Gold has been designed and adorned for thousands of years, but the makers at Gorjana have found a way to make it their own and create something to be adored for years to come.

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They started off on the bottom. Literally, on the floor of their small one bedroom apartment. They met, fell in love, and fell into a business that has brought them success and a burgeoning life in the always sunny California. If you love sleek lines and thoughtful designs then these are the jewels for you. With a bi-costal history, this duo skillfully combines East Coast and West coast style and suave. Sandy beaches and industrial beauty all melded into a radiant set of golden artistry. Gorjana jewels consists of clean lines that shine and represent the crisp and cool characteristics that represent two very impactful but very different sides of our country. Any avid traveler or web surfer can see the difference of the two coasts, but also the beauty within. And with a glance at the jewels trailing down the Instagram or website of Gorjana, falling gracefully across a wrist or flowing gently with casual or formal attire, it’s clear these two have been meshed together with talent and prestige.

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Gorjana, made up of the dynamic duo Gorjana and Griffin Reidel, is a palace filled with exquisite creations that represent the calm and serenity found in the shining state, but also mirror the symmetry and stability found in the booming industrial cities such as Chicago and New York. Buildings upon buildings fit perfectly beside each other and long sandy beaches with rolling waves,  all of this lovingly adapted and sculpted into fine pieces of jewelry. Gorjana does not specialize in gold, but their skill and innovation within design make their gold pieces a sparkling spot along the Laguna Beach coast. Their gold pieces display their creative imaginations but also truly accentuate the gold itself. They allow you to see both the beauty of gold, nature, and art in one single creation, multiplied by one hundred due to their wide range of earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets ready for wear. Gorjana was started by two humble human beings with an appreciation for their history and a deep passion for innovation and forward thought. If you’re looking for pieces that help bring your outfit together and will make your collection feel complete, then we’ve got a one stop shop for you. So start your own personal gold rush and stop by Eliza Page today!

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