Ear Stacking 101

Are you ready to create the ear stack of your dreams? Do you dream of your ears glittering with gold and diamonds?  Adding multiple piercings, mixing and matching styles, and incorporating a little creativity into your stack will have you on your way.  If you have ever asked yourself, “can I mix yellow and white gold” or “is wearing two completely different earrings a ‘thing’ people do?” Welcome! We hear you, and we have the answers you are looking for.   There are so many exciting ways to wear multiple earrings up your ear. The possibilities are endless with multiple earring styles, shapes, designs, and gems.  Let’s get started now on your new ear stack style.

step 1: 

locate your new addition

Like the rest of us, you probably have at least that one piercing you got at the mall back in the day. If you are reading this, then you are ready to add to your ear piercings. Hooray! There are many different locations in the ear you can pierce, and adding a new piercing relies heavily on your personal style. Our favorite additions are lobe and helix placements. When it comes to a curated stack, we love to see at least two lobe piercings adding multiple style possibilities to your ear. Once you add a piercing by our Eliza Page piercer, you are ready to begin your ear stack journey!

Step 2:

Start With A Statement

If there is a particular earring you love, start there and work around it. We recommend a statement earring as the star of the show - located front and center in your ear lobe (lobe 1 location). Most earrings can hop spots on the ear, so your statement “starter” depends on your style of the day. For running errands or practicing yoga, you may prefer a unique diamond hoop that hugs tightly on the lobe. Alternatively, for date night or girls night out, you might choose a bold rainbow hoop or a larger, diamond drop earring. You know your personal style and “brand”; be true to yourself -- go big if you want to!

Step 3:

Layer extra sparkle

Once you have selected new, perfect styles for your piercings, let your creativity reign. Experiment with several styles in each ear. Follow up a statement earring with something that enhances your look, like a diamond stud or a petite gold huggie. Add shine with a gemstone studded icon, layer in texture with mixed metals, or throw in a pop of color to add a personalized touch.  Play around with different styles and sizes to see what you like best, what makes sense for your lifestyle, and enhances your favorite features. 

To get the perfect stack every time, go smaller all the way up your lobe - think hoop, huggie, bold stud, simple stud. This can apply to any style. For example, start with a threader, drop earring, huggie, and finish with a stud. While this is not a rule, going smaller up the lobe is a secret we use daily to curate our own stacks.

Step 4:

theme your dream stack

As an ear architect, you can adhere to a theme - be that edgy, fanciful, classic, all rose gold, black diamond, etc. Adding edge to your look? Mix a sleek new shape with a Goddess Snake Huggie, black diamond earring, or lightning bolt stud in the helix. For your classic look, adorn your lobe with a Cascading diamond threader stacked with a petite gold huggie and martini stud. Once you master the mix and match, it’s time to embrace the asymmetric ear look. Elaborate on a theme or combine alternating styles on either ear to create a trend-setting, put-together ensemble, sure to turn heads!

curate your ear stack

Now that you are-in-the-know, you are ready to start stacking the ear of your dreams. Start realizing the ear stack goddess that you are. We love a curated ear at Eliza Page -- visit us in store to get pierced and shop now to find a swoon-worthy stack!