Piercing Possibilities: Creating Your Perfect Ear Stack

ear stacking with a second or third piercing

In the realm of jewelry trends, ear stacking has emerged as a captivating and creative way to adorn our ears. While the art of combining multiple earrings in an ear stack has gained popularity, there's an exciting trend that adds an extra level of flair and individuality – incorporating a second, or even third, piercing. By venturing beyond the traditional single piercing, you can elevate your ear stack to a whole new level of style and self-expression. Whether you prefer delicate and minimalistic stacks or bold and statement-making combinations, ear stacking offers a blank canvas for self-expression and experimentation. So, get ready to discover the world of ear stacking and unlock a whole new level of ear adornment.

Start With a Statement

When it comes to making a bold and stylish statement with your ear stack, starting with gold hoop statement earrings is a winning choice. These eye-catching pieces effortlessly capture attention and exude confidence. The beauty of gold hoop statement earrings lies in their ability to stand out and become the centerpiece of your ear stack. Their warm and radiant glow adds a touch of luxury to your ear stack, effortlessly elevating your overall look. Whether you opt for oversized hoops adorned with intricate designs or hoops embellished with gemstones, they add an instant touch of glamour and sophistication. From there, you can mix and match different sizes, shapes, and styles to create a stunning display of individuality and personal flair.

Classic rounded hollow hoop earrings in a high polish yellow gold finish for ear stacking
Thick Hollow Hoop Earrings - ​​$1,574
Yellow gold, hand-forged thin hoopla hoop earrings with a hook eye latch closing for ear stacking
Hoopla Hoop Earrings - $825​​

Stunning Studs

These small, yet mighty, adornments have been a staple in our accessory collections for generations. With their timeless charm and versatility, stud earrings effortlessly combine simplicity and elegance. When it comes to ear stacking, studs are often overlooked in favor of more elaborate earring styles. However, incorporating studs into your stack can add a unique element to your overall ear adornment. Whether you opt for classic diamond studs, dainty gemstones, or minimalist geometric shapes, stacking with studs allows you to play with symmetry, asymmetry, and balance, adding depth and visual interest to your ear stack.

Classic diamond studs set in a gold three-prong martini style basket.  Part of the Eliza Page Collection for ear stacking
Classic Diamond Martini Studs - $1,395​​
Petite rectangular ruby stud earrings with a pave diamond halo for ear stacks
Ruby & Diamond Halo Studs - ​​$660

Planning Your Next Piercing

When it comes to upgrading your ear stack with a new piercing, scheduling your next appointment at Eliza Page is a decision that promises both professionalism and style. We are known for our expertise in ear adornments and are committed to providing a safe and comfortable piercing experience. Our piercing stylist prioritizes precision and hygiene, so you can trust that your piercing will be executed with the utmost care. Whether you're looking to add a helix, cartilage, or lobe piercing our knowledgeable staff at Eliza Page will guide you through the process, ensuring your new addition seamlessly enhances your existing ear stack. With a wide selection of 14k jewelry that will never tarnish, we offer the perfect options to complement and elevate your style. Schedule your next piercing appointment at Eliza Page, and embark on an exciting journey to upgrade your ear stack.

piercing guide to your second or third piercing
Piercing Guide​​
14k gold ear piercing studs
Piercing Studs - Starting at $115​​

Non-Pierced Perfection

If you're looking to add a touch of edginess and style to your ear stack without committing to another piercing, ear cuffs are the perfect solution. These versatile accessories wrap around the outer edge of your ear, creating the illusion of a piercing without the need for permanent alteration. Ear cuffs come in a variety of designs, from delicate and minimalist to bold and ornate, allowing you to choose a style that matches your personal aesthetic. They can be worn alone as a statement piece or layered with other earrings to create a captivating and unique ear stack. With their adjustable nature, ear cuffs can be easily positioned and removed, giving you the freedom to experiment with different placements and arrangements. Embrace the trend of non-pierced ear cuffs and elevate your ear stack with a touch of creativity and flair. Let these stylish adornments become the finishing touch to your curated ear ensemble, allowing you to express your individuality without the commitment of another piercing.

Thick yellow gold ear cuff with white pavé diamonds for non piercing ear stack
Wide Pave Diamond Ear Cuff - ​​$1,815
14k gold Bold and classic wide ear cuff with a polished finish for non piercing ear stack
Rounded Wide Gold Ear Cuff - ​​$335

Whether you prefer a minimalist and delicate stack or an elaborate and bold arrangement, the possibilities are endless. Remember, the key to a captivating ear stack lies in experimentation and embracing your individuality. Play with different sizes, shapes, metals, and textures to curate a stack that tells your story and captures your essence, and let your ear stack be a reflection of your personal style. 

ear stacking with piercings