We love working with our customers on one-of-a-kind design projects. Below is what to expect when creating jewelry with our team at Eliza Page. We can design together remotely, or, you can visit us in person during business hours to start the process. Text, call or schedule an appointment online
Step 1: Preliminary Meeting with Eliza Page
You will work directly with a Custom Design Consultant to discuss your jewelry ideas either in person or via email and phone. This will allow us to get a chance to know you better and get an idea of exactly what you are looking for. It’s helpful if you come to us with pictures of anything that inspires your design idea: a picture of a ring you’ve seen online, or even a photo of a fabric pattern or a architecture that you like. It enables us to better know exactly the style you’re looking for and create the right design for you. If you don’t have a vision in mind, we will work diligently to create the perfect one. We have worked on hundreds of jewelry designs over many years, and have a wide variety of designs to show you, either in-store or from our design archive.
Step 2: Design and Revision
You and our Custom Design Consultant discuss details and specifics of the desired design. With your preferences and ideas in mind, we work together to refine the design, using images or design sketches. You will review and discuss feedback. Based on this feedback, we will work to create a final design.
Step 3: Rendering and Model Production
We will render the final design often in CAD, to be sure it meets your 3-D vision. If the final design meets your approval, the jewelry then goes into production. Custom Designs with CAD begin at $2,000 exclusive of materials (metal, stones). This price includes time with our Custom Design Consultant, back and forth on designs, production of drawings, rendering of models, production, casting, gemstone setting, polishing, and hand-finishing each piece.

Before we enter stage 3 of Rendering and Model Production, we require a $200 design fee. If at any time you are unhappy with the design, you will be responsible only for the phases of the design that have been completed.

Otherwise, all payments during the initial design process will go toward the final price, with materials, metals, included in the final price. You should anticipate to sign a contract and to provide a deposit payment, which will include the full price of significant stones and at least half of the final payment, to begin production. All Eliza Page custom jewelry comes with a complementary appraisal for insurance replacement.

We will work with heirloom stones for custom projects and we charge a $500 setting fee. We discourage clients from purchasing their own stones for custom projects, however, and we always ask that you let us quote you on stones. Most likely we will have superior stones at the best price and will work with you to choose the stone that fits with your project and your lifestyle.

Custom designs are final sales and non-refundable. From start to finish the entire process should take 4-8 weeks, subject to the specifications and/or changes in design. If you have an special deadline, depending on the design, we will do our best to complete your project more quickly for a rush fee.

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