Eliza Page & Panjshir Valley Emeralds Partnership

Eliza Page strives to discover and source the best gemstones for our valued customers.  We have partnered with Panjshir Valley Emeralds to bring the very best ethically-sourced emeralds from the Panjshir Valley in Afghanistan to our customers.

Please note, all of these gems were purchased prior to the current conflict of the region.

They have unique access to the best Panjshir Valley emeralds.

Historically, the legendary Panjshir Valley emerald has only rarely come to the market, while other countries have exploited their mines in a rush to deliver goods. Today, in a new generation of applied technology and people-sensitive morals, they now have an unprecedented opportunity together to bring the best the earth has ever had to offer to those who love the dance of natural beauty. Here's how they can provide the best quality emeralds on a consistent basis:

First, they have a one-of-a-kind relationship with both the Afghan government and local tribal leaders. Their partnership gives them privileged access and right-of-first-refusal on all of their ethically-sourced gemstone rough.  Secondly, they have outstanding support from their own government at the highest levels. Fair economic business partnerships with their friends in Afghanistan, and the resulting quality of life and stability, is a stated high priority by every administration, past and present. It's just not been done well until now. They are 50-50 partners, and unashamedly family, in trust and esteem.

Finally, they have amazing technology coming to the mines and in their expanding, award-winning faceting locations, along with global networks and personal involvement from Harvard University, Oxford University, Colorado School of Mines, the Silicon Valley and more.

They cut for beauty, not weight.

While others think you won't notice the "fat belly" emerald cut that bloats the weight for sales purposes, they take a different view. They believe that it is both more ethical and more sane to trust you, the recipient of these verdant masterpieces, to prefer their "hall of mirrors" faceting they train all of their artists to utilize.

Sure, they give up some of the chargeable carat weight, but they can't apologize for the skill and wonder of the scientific refractive index angles they use to maximize the extraordinary elegance, energy, and charm of their emeralds. They cut for beauty, not weight, eliminating the lifeless windowing and extinction effect that accompanies deeper, “belly-cut” emeralds. 

They're bringing integrity to the gemstone supply chain.

Historically, smuggling, crime, money laundering, and worse have exploited developing nations and robbed them of their own resources. Until 2013 there was never a solution available, since, for obvious reasons, border guards have serious limitations. Today, for the first time, they can help the people and countries previously ravaged by crime and theft... to prosper from the ground they and their families stand on.

Their Team, with Harvard and Oxford Universities' resources in BlockChain technology, is doing something about developing nations' loss of revenue for infrastructure and school building, due to smuggling. This is a unique "use-case" not seen before in BlockChain ("the Internet of Value and Security").

Secondly, they are doing something about the lack of fair trade and citizens being able to care for their families--while wealth is removed all around them. They are your partners and partners of the people, bringing the highest level of accountability the emerald and gemstone industry has ever seen. And they are doing this to help developing nations and families. Some use the word BlockChain simply for marketing their goods and helping their own business with a buzzword. We should all want to provide true help for changing the quality of life for the developing countries where so many colored gemstones originate.

They're putting the needs of people before profits.

While the gemstone industry has been fraught with ethical issues, at Panjshir Valley Emeralds and Trusted Inc they are spearheading and passionate about ethical sourcing, distribution, and sales of world-class emeralds, and soon, other best-in-class gemstones.

They're devoted to making certain that the country and her people benefit from the natural resources under their feet. That's why they're driving the value back towards those who deserve to benefit from it through our "Partner-With-a-Village" program, which will connect emerald buyers to the lives of real people in Panjshir Valley.

When you purchase emeralds from Panjshir Valley Emeralds, a percentage of the proceeds goes directly to the people of Afghanistan. This partnership will be verifiable by our BlockChain and dual Biometric signatures at the village level so that you can be sure that funds make it to where they should.

Learn more about some of the villages that benefit from your purchase here.